One of Japan’s oldest games makers works over a classic and brings it back better than before.

Konami, the godfather of the Japanese gaming world, has been around since 1969 and in its colourful history has scored big hits with classic games like Frogger and Super Cobra, as well as huge success with modern triple-A titles like Metal Gear Solid, the Silent Hill survival-horror series, and Pro Evolution Soccer. In keeping with this illustrious history Konami have decided to reboot the Sword & Poker Adventures.

This fast paced free-to-play RPG sees you having to create the best five card poker hand from a shared board of cards to defeat opponents that range from the easily swept aside to massive monsters that will be adequate challenge for even the best players. Of course this being Konami there are weapons to unlock, magic upgrades to collect and even shields to help your survival in these beautifully created levels.

Free-to-play puzzle RPG

Taking advantage of the interconnectedness that mobile casino platforms provide you can even help your friends in their quests with Daily Bonus Cards, which is a nice touch in a game whose major gameplay mechanics have been retained. Certainly there are a few mostly cosmetic changes and perhaps those who played the original might balk at them, but on the whole it’s a very good refit of a decent game.

With the RPG elements providing an excellent narrative backdrop to play against and the range of enemies wide and varied, this game provides a decent test of skill and the thrill of defeating evil monsters of chaos easily allows Swords & Poker adventures to rival any game on an iPhone casino or app today. Konami just do it all so much better.