The new features implemented by Google will try to make even better the Google Play Games cross-platform games’ service.

Greg Hartell, product manager for Google Play Games services, commented in a detailed article all the advantages of the new game features, which undoubtedly will have an effect on mobile gambling on these devices.

A main progress explained by Hartell is the expanding multi-player of the Play Games services, which will support iOS. This is how turn-based and real-time multi-player functions will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

More improvements

There are a lot of new features in addition to the multi-player, which will most probably have influence on different mobile gambling apps. An example is the Play Games Unity Plug-in, which supports the cross-platform multi-player services. It will also introduce an early Play Games C ++ SDK to support achievements and leaderboards.

Hartell added that Google is close to launching superior Play Games statistics on the Google Play Developer Console, in an attempt to offer handy game analytics for Play Games users.

He added that this better statistics feature will give developers the opportunity to access daily dashboard that shows players’ engagement statistics for all signed-in users. This information will cover the daily active users and retention analysis, in addition to the achievement and leaderboard performance.

More surprises from Google

Google also plans to launch a “Game Gifts” element, which will give players the opportunity to send each other various virtual in-game presents to anyone in their circles or through the player search, which will eventually affect various iPad casinos, which attract clients with tempting promotions.

The Play Games app currently supports multi-player invites directly, while the Google Play Store will also introduce 18 new game categories, so that players can enjoy wider variety of games.

Hartell explained that Google has also insets new features to its AdMob platform in order to assist developers and provide them with more options to gain revenue from their games. The Google Analytics feature will be available straight at the AdMob interface, so that developers will have the opportunity to gain more sophisticated information as to how users are interacting with their favorite apps.

Advertising opportunities

Hartell concluded that Google is “excited” about the prospects, which in-app purchase advertisements will offer, as developers will have the chance to aim at players, using a specific promotion to purchase items within the game.

He said: “Advertising continues to be a core vehicle driving many game developers’ success, so we’re also bringing you new ways to optimize your ads to earn the most revenue.”

Back in December, Google announced that various new games categories will be introduced. Some of them are “Simulation,” “Role Playing” and “Educational” and the main reason is to assist players in their search for games and make it more pleasant and less time consuming.

These categories will also help developers to match their titles to the customers, which are looking for particular characteristics in a game.

The Google announcement of the new features said: “Developers can now use the Google Play Developer Console to choose a new category for their apps if the Application Type is ‘Games’. The New Category field in the Store Listing will set the future category for your game.”