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Grand Sierra casino
Grand Sierra casino

Add a firm called Dibbs International to those companies supplying event-notification apps for iPhones and Android mobiles – and count the Grand Sierra Resort of Reno, Nevada, as the very first customer of this new mobile technology.

Dibbs promises that “With a single tap of a button, your phone instantly connects you to all the events you want to know about that are going on around you.”

As the first major hotel/casino to partner with Dibbs to provide consumers with real-time smartphone event notifications, Grand Sierra Resort threw its new software partner a bash for the ages in a party at the hotel’s Xtreme Sports Bar and Lounge featuring performances by Audiobox, Who Cares, and The Circus Freakz.

Grand Sierra Resort is the latest Nevada casino to join the world of mobile casino text messaging for smartphone customers. Perhaps most high-profile news regarding the old-school gambling outlets entering 21st century PR recently was the announcement of forthcoming Hard Rock Casino ads via mobile phone.

Dibbs International spokesman Scott Armstrong commented that “If you want to be plugged in, if you want to be ‘On the Go and in the Know,’ we invite you to join the revolution!” This might be occasion on which company PR is utterly believable. Mobile casino advertising certainly looks to be the wave of the future.