gvc-holdings-140514GVC Holdings

UK-based iGaming company GVC holdings has done well recently due to success in the mobile and Scandinavian markets.

Online and mobile casino operator GVC Holdings reported a strong start to the second quarter of 2014 after a year-on-year increase of 11 percent through the beginning of May.
Net revenue topped EUR 830,000 per day.

Growth in the emerging mobile market was the most impressive part of GVC’s recent stock report. Daily mobile gaming revenue doubled from EUR 54,000 to EUR 108,000 from the same period one year earlier.

An official statement from the company read: “The board is encouraged by the strong trading so far this year and is confident that current market expectations for the full year will be met.”

GVC recently expanded into Scandinavia

The British company’s key brand is Sportingbet, which recently agreed to enter a joint venture with Betit to serve Scandinavian customers. CEO Kenny Alexander lauded the move as an inexpensive way to tap into a lucrative market:

“By entering into this joint venture, we believe that GVC can diversify its revenue streams and significantly enhance the future dividend prospects… The lucrative Scandinavian market has been on our radar for quite some time.”

GVC provides iGaming software for betting, poker and iPhone and Android casinos.