HTC Incredible S mobile gambling to be updated
HTC Incredible S

HTC mobile gambling is about to take a step into the future with the latest Android 2.3.5 and Sense UI 3.0 update for Incredible S.

HTC has made the latest firmware updates for their Incredible S smartphone available to fans of mobile casinos for a discount. The phone owners will now be able to enjoy Android 2.3.5 and Sense UI 3.0 while playing at their favorite HTC gambling provider.

Regulars of Android casinos from various parts of Europe are reporting the availability of the over-the-air update. However, the update is not global yet, and some Incredible S owner will have to wait a little longer. The exact change log is also still unavailable, so there’s no way to know the detailed changes.

HTC mobile gambling

For those mobile casino games enthusiasts, who were unable to locate the update we suggest keeping an eye on the notification bar. A manual check can be done in the Settings/About Phone/Software Updates section, simply click Check Now once in there.

Once the update is installed on the HTC Incredible S it will surely take mobile casino gambling experience on the smartphone to a completely new level.

There are also rumors that HTC mobile gambling is not the only one receiving the update. HTC Desire HD smartphone is also about to receive the same bump. Mobile gamers are grateful to HTC for not forgetting about their loyal fans with the release of a new wave of Android powered phones.