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Casino gambling strategy classes in united kingdom
Casino Strategy

Casino Gambling Strategy just might be on the curriculum for school children across the United Kingdom.

Casino gambling strategy classes at first glance may seem somehow inappropriate for children yet according to gambling addiction experts at Gamcare it’s just what’s needed.

Gemcare, a support group for problem gambler similar to Alcoholics Anonymous has been campaigning for casino gambling, online casino blackjack and card counting classes.

According to their spokesman, that’s because the majority of problems stemming from gambling have more to do with making poor decisions due to inexperience and lack of information about any winning strategy at blackjack games.

In the past very few paid attention to Gemcare’s message, that is until the shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg of the Labour Party gave the idea of casino gambling classes for kds two thumbs up and jumped on board.

“It is right that, just like drug and alcohol addiction, teenagers and children are given information to prepare them for the adult world,” explains the shadow secretary to an enthusiastic audience.

Casino gambling classes gain wide support

Shadow Secretary Twigg observes that kids must grow up and face adult problems but not on the very day of their 18th birthday. Instead kids should slowly be introduced to adult topics such as sexual education or drugs.

Casino gambling strategy classes, in essence would slowly introduce and explain the various gambling options that will become available to them once they reach adulthood. Such as strategy according to the Labour party will allow some kids to avoid costly mistakes by being taught about the trials and tribulations of adulthood while still in school.

The Labour political party supports teaching online casino strategy which would include lessons on the house edge, and perhaps even shuffle tracking in blackjack along with the odds of winning or losing at all every game found at tradition, online and mobile casinos.

Gamcare states that learning the mathematics behind placing bets will make kids understand their chances of beating a slot machine, the mathematical approach to sports handicapping, and more importantly the kids will learn about casino gambling strategy and calculating expected odds to improve decision making.

“This is something that shouldn’t be left to chance,” explains Twigg . “