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Instant play blackjack has been a popular staple for online blackjack players for many years. Simply fire up your mobile device and start playing in your phone’s web browser. All variations of this blackjack gaming genre offer excellent graphics and sounds along with very high RTPs. You’ll find immersive games from all the best software developers. But thanks to the advent and continued growth in the popularity of live dealer games, we feel that the days are numbered for instant play blackjack.

Instant Play Blackjack 

If you’re after a compelling game at the online casino, then look no further than instant play blackjack. You’ll find literally dozens of unique and immersive versions under the label of the instant blackjack genre. Many of these have been developed over a number of years. Today, we thought it would be a good idea to look at the basic features of RNG blackjack, whilst at the same time looking at the most popular online blackjack card games in the instant play blackjack space.

It’s important to keep in mind that each and every variation of instant play blackjack has its own niche and gaming style. You may well find that certain rules apply to one game and not to another variety. It’s also important to remember that these can cause changes that take place during gameplay. Playing from one game to the next, you may need to configure new gameplay options. This also means utilizing perfect blackjack strategies so that it suits the new rules that come with each variation of instant play blackjack.

Why Instant Play Blackjack?

If you’re looking for an exciting way to gamble online, then we highly recommend playing instant play blackjack. You’re probably wondering why we would choose the RNG games over the live dealer counterparts? It’s a perfectly reasonable question and we can really answer in two parts. The first is that you’ll gain many excellent benefits by playing no download blackjack. On the other hand, you’re going to miss out on other viable options such as the live casino bonuses.

instant play blackjack
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If you head over to any reputable online blackjack casino like King Billy Casino, you’ll see that the blackjack is exactly what’s written on the tin; namely, it’s instant play. This means that you have the choice to enjoy playing whenever you wish. It’s also important to consider that certain older games are now being taken out of circulation. We must confess that live blackjack has become more and more popular over the last decade. Thanks to a huge player base, we believe that the live dealer game represents the future. To that end, we can expect to see instant play games begin to disappear from online casinos.

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold – by Microgaming

As you’re probably aware, apart from Las Vegas, Atlantic City is the other major governing hub in the United States. In fact, the city is best known for a number of types of blackjack games. There’s actually a variation of blackjack called “Atlantic City Blackjack Gold.” It comes from the software casino games developer Microgaming. It mimics the instant play blackjack that can be found in all casinos across Atlantic City.

What’s interesting about Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is that, unlike other variations you’ll find on this list, it doesn’t require any special features. In other words, you can still have an enjoyable gaming experience at the casino gaming table without the use of intricate side bets. This makes the game much more simple. And thereby, as a result, means that it’s a friendly game, especially for novices who might be unsure of basic blackjack strategy. Atlantic City Blackjack Gold enjoys an RTP of 99.65%, which makes it one of the best online blackjack options you’re going to find anywhere.

Instant Play Blackjack: Vegas Downtown Blackjack – by Microgaming

If you’re looking for the Vegas casino experience then this game from micro gaming Set me has a lot to offer.  You can easily imagine that you’re playing in a casino on the Las Vegas Strip. As a variation of instant play blackjack, we suggest that this version is certainly worthy of your consideration and bankroll.

instant play blackjack
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The rules have been simplified, though they’re still beneficial to the player. This means that both the nervous beginner and the well-practiced veteran can enjoy the game equally.  In truth, this game doesn’t deviate much from the traditional blackjack that you know in love. It utilizes 2 x 52 card decks, with the payouts set at 3:2 for a blackjack hand. Once again, it offers an RTP of 99.62%. Looking at these RTP values, it’s easy to see that the table game of blackjack represents some of the best odds in the whole online casino gaming business.

Double Exposure Blackjack – by NetEnt

If you go online and sign up to any reputable casino, you’re going to find double exposure blackjack, simply because it’s probably the most common instant blackjack option there is.  Probably the most interesting feature of the game is that you can see the dealer’s hand. As you can imagine, being able to see the dealer’s cards is going to give you some serious advantages. It means that for the novice player, the nervousness and uncertainty about which moves to make, become redundant. The gameplay certainly increases your winning chances.

Do you keep in mind that what the casino gives with the one hand, it will take away with the other simultaneously? So, though it’s a huge advantage to see the dealer’s hand, there are some other more costly rules to this variation of instant play blackjack. One of the most important aspects of the game is the fact that the payouts are reduced to 1:1 from the more traditional 3:2. This effectively means that having a blackjack hand has little real value. Furthermore, it will not offer you insurance and you won’t have the surrender option.

Instant Play Blackjack: Perfect Pairs Blackjack – by FELT Gaming

We’re sure that every blackjack player would have either played or at least heard of Perfect Pairs Blackjack. One of the main reasons why it’s so popular is that it offers a very interesting bet.

instant play blackjack
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This is an optional wager which you can put down beside a standard wager. Much would depend on the two cards you get on the draw. Though with these perfect pairs bets you have a good possibility of getting a nice payout. If you have a pair, a colored pair, or the same suit pair, then you’ll receive a payout of 6:1 12:1, and 25:1 respectively. It’s important to keep in mind that winning this bet is going to be down to luck as opposed to any blackjack skills you may possess.

Single Deck Blackjack by NetEnt

Once you’ve got the hang of playing casino blackjack, then like many other experienced players, you will fall in love with NetEnt’s Single Deck Blackjack Professional. And in truth, it’s not a new game with its own modern playing style. You may be disappointed to learn, but unlike many types of blackjack, it doesn’t use six or more decks in the shoe. Because of this then, any advantage gets pushed towards the casino itself. In other words, it lowers all your winning possibilities.

Now when it comes to Single Deck Blackjack, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the game offers just 52 cards in the shoe. This makes the game a friend for any blackjack player who loves mathematics. It gives you a much better possibility of learning what possible outcomes might come from each hand. In this version of the game, there is no surrender option or hitting on split aces. If you’re looking to play online blackjack for fun, then why not try your hand at King Billy Casino. They have an amazing welcome package for all new players of €1,000!

Instant Play Blackjack: Blackjack Surrender by Playtech

One of the factors that make instant play blackjack so popular is the fact that the rules tend to be very clear and friendly. If you combine this with the very high RTPs, along with the overall gameplay and entertainment value, then it’s easy to see why Blackjack Surrender from Playtech it’s so popular. Not only is this a game that works very well. But you can also add more moves to help things fall into your favor.

instant play blackjack
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With the name of Blackjack Surrender, then it’s not surprising that this variation of the game focuses on the surrender rule. This takes place whenever the deal overturns his own cards for a blackjack. Now if the dealer has an Ace or a 10 value card then you can choose to take the surrender option. By doing so you’ll be able to receive back half of your initial bet. In other words, you forfeit 50% of your bet to the casino. Dealers are under an obligation to offer you insurance before the surrender option comes into play. But here at Blackjackchamp.com, we suggest that accepting insurance is always going to be a bad move. Simply because all the odds will be very much against you.

Having the surrender rule will allow you to mitigate losses by pushing the odds slightly into your favor. That means it’ll have an impact on your bankroll. By receiving half of your initial wager back, then you’ll be able to stretch your bankroll much further. This will allow you to keep playing for longer. And this in turn will give you more chances of winning. The RTP of Blackjack Surrender is still very high at 99.66%. This is still higher than most versions of blackjack you’re able to download from the internet, making it one of the most popular online blackjack game types.

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