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Because the table game of blackjack is a perfect combination of luck and skill, it means that to have any success at the gaming table you’ll have to thoroughly learn and understand all the best playing strategies, as well as the different rules for each variety of the game at hand. Perfect blackjack strategies are there because they give the player the maximum advantage for each hand, which in turn can bring the odds into your corner. Keep in mind that the prize money remains pretty low.

Online Blackjack Tournaments Real Money Competitions 

We imagine that if you’re reading this article then you’re into online blackjack tournaments. As you well know, if you play online blackjack for real money, then there are competitions that are regularly available at all modern online casinos. It’s true that in recent years there’s been a decline in the popularity of online blackjack tournaments, but fans of blackjack are still happy to find any tournaments to play in. Today we’re going to take a look at the top online blackjack tournaments that are offered by real money online casino sites. We’ll take a deeper dive so that you’ll have all the information at your fingertips, should you decide to take part in an online blackjack tournament.

Online Blackjack Tournaments – Rules and Varieties

As you’re probably aware, online blackjack tournaments have been with us for some time now. They are always exciting and fun events. In these tournaments you’re provided with special chips for the event and do not wager any real money. Yes we know, this sounds a bit strange, but bare with us. The thing is that all the best online casinos are constantly looking to provide a better blackjack gaming experience.

online blackjack tournaments
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They constantly update and improve their most popular blackjack types. That’s because a well-structured online blackjack tournaments can be very beneficial for both the casino and the players. We suggest that you head over to 22Bet Casino, where you can practice and hone your blackjack skills for free. With that  in mind, let’s have a look at how blackjack tournaments actually work.

How Do Blackjack Tournaments Work – Rules Overview

We suggest that before you enter any land-based casino blackjack tournament, you familiarise yourself with the rules and some basic blackjack strategy. That’s because these games are in a very competitive format and you’ll be going up against other players who may be more knowledgeable and experienced than you. But playing online blackjack tournaments is a different kettle of fish. Essentially, you’re trying to beat the dealer whilst gaining as many tournament chips as you possibly can. The competitive element comes into play with the amount of profit you manage to generate. The basics are as follows:

  • You compete against the dealer and other players
  • There may or may not be a buy-in fee
  • Your goal is to acquire the most tournament chips
  • If you win the table, you move onto the next round
  • You only stand to lose the buy-in fee (if any)
online blackjack tournaments
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One important factor we should point out is that all online blackjack tournaments are not the same. It’s advisable to make sure you’ve read the rules before you join in any tournament competition so you don’t get any unwanted surprises once the game has started. Of these we cannot really provide specific details. But you’ll find that most tournaments will follow a basic model. Keep in mind that most events are played in RNG mode. So if you look around you’ll be able to find live real money blackjack tournaments at some of the best live blackjack sites.

Online Blackjack Tournaments – Formats and Types

All blackjack tournaments will have their own individual formats, with each round being designed for a particular type of player. For example, from the casual to the semi-professional, you’ll find events suitable for these types of players. As we previously mentioned, your only chance of success is if you are familiar and knowledgeable about the appropriate blackjack strategy necessary. As well as having a cool and collected mindset.

Freeroll Blackjack Tournaments

Freeroll online blackjack tournaments are open to all players who wish to join. Moreover, there are no upfront fees to pay. The payouts or rewards come exclusively from the casino. As you’re well aware, all casinos are not renowned for being very generous. So don’t expect any huge awards coming from free blackjack tournaments.

Elimination Format

The elimination format of blackjack tournaments is probably just as you imagine it to be. At the beginning of the tournament, players will occupy blackjack tables and each will play a set number of rounds. After the first set of hands is played, then one or two of the winning players from each table will advance to the next round.

online blackjack tournaments
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These get to sit at a special tournament table. And the winner of these games then goes forward to another table. As you’d expect, at the end of the game there is just a single player left. And they get to claim the final prize.

Sit & Go Events

Compared to the other tournaments on this list, the events are much smaller in scale. It tends to work on the principle that the casino will open a table and then wait for all the seats to be taken. Only at this point does the actual competition begin. Unfortunately, the prize for Sit & Go events are going to be very limited because the number of players and the entrance fees to play are very low. 

Tips and Tricks

Here at, we always advise all players that if they wish to be successful in online blackjack tournaments, then they need to enter with a game plan. Without an understanding of the innate complexities of the game, you’re going to be in trouble. Nothing is quite as painful as watching your bankroll dwindle simply because you fail to understand the basics. If you take a look through many of the articles and guides previously published on you’ll be able to get yourself up to speed by discovering the most common blackjack tricks. Then by making use of free-play at 22Bet Casino, you can improve your game play even more.

online blackjack tournaments
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When you’re ready to make your first deposit, you’ll get a very tasty welcome bonus of 100% up to £100!

  • Know the rules of the event
  • Understand basic blackjack strategy
  • Manage your bankroll correctly
  • Become familiar with the math behind the game

Probably the main factor that will make or break your success at the blackjack table is utilising good bankroll management. That’s because knowing when to bet lower or higher is one of the most vital skills for the blackjack player. At the same time, you need to take into account the statistical probability of blackjack. As you can see all this requires a deep understanding of the game. Remember that the blackjack payouts can have a direct result on the game play and also on the moves you can make. By learning perfect blackjack strategies, you’ll certainly be able to benefit when you’re playing any real money competition. The most basic and time tested tips for playing are the following:

  • Always Split a Pair of Aces
  • Habitually Split a Pair of Eights
  • Always Stand on Totals of 17 or Higher
  • Avoid Splitting a Pair of Tens

Online Blackjack Tournament Real Money Prizes and Rewards

Of course, playing blackjack for real money is one thing. Yet taking part in online blackjack tournaments is completely different as these do not allow real money wagers.

online blackjack tournaments
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You’ll commonly find that the casino will provide the tournament with special gaming chips. Keep in mind that there’s a good chance that the buy-in must stick to a very low fee. And so playing with the special chips can reduce your losses considerably. Simply put, there will be no losses financially.

All blackjack tournaments will offer some sort of prize as an incentive to encourage players to take part. But with most of these blackjack tournaments being free events, then as a gambler, you shouldn’t expect any substantial prizes. In fact, with most blackjack tournaments the prize pool never goes above $1,000. If you want to make real money then you need to pay-in tournaments where the buy-in is considerably more. That’s because the player’s buy-ins directly generate the number and quantity of prizes available. If you look at any competition, then it’s easy to see that the size of the rewards is directly proportional to the number of people playing.

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