iPhone 5 video leaks
iPhone 5 rumors

iPhone casino forums are full of hot discussions on the iPhone 5 features ever since a new video leaked allegedly revealing the device.

We have already reported on the latest rumors about the iPhone 5, check out our The New iPhone Release Date and Size Discussed at Mobile Casinos article. Now, there’s a new video allegedly showing all real money iPhone gambling fans what the upcoming Cupertino monster will look like.

Please, note that there’s no way of knowing if the video is actually showing the real iPhone 5 or these are all fabrications. However, in case we’re indeed looking at the next iPhone casino tamer, let’s list a few details.

The audio jack is moved to the bottom of the device.

Well, it’s a matter of taste, really, since the screen can be rotated whichever way you want, so the new jack location will not change much for mobile casino games fans.

The iPhone 5 panel is a unibody, featuring both the back plate and the middle panel with all the components inside.

This is actually a better design in our books, but again, everyone will make up their own mind on whether this look is better or not.

The new SIM tray is smaller.

This can only suggest that Apple is heading in the direction of a new SIM standard.

The video also provided support for previous rumors’ claims:

  • The iPhone 5 has a smaller dock connector.
  • The new device has a larger screen (taller, but not wider).
  • The back panel is crafted out of metal, with glass on top and bottom.
  • The new generation iPhone is slimmer than the iPhone 4S.

It remains to be seen how much of this is true, when Apple unveils the new device. This happy occasion is supposed to happen this October. Stay tuned for our updates.