Recession. Economic hardship. Financial situation. These are today’s buzzwords, and it’s all we hear lately. It’s true that a lot of businesses are suffering. Yet somehow, in spite of the current economic climate, the online gambling industry is as strong as ever, and has not shown a noticeable decrease in profits over the last few months.

The same cannot be said of many land-based casinos. In Atlantic City, casinos have reported a 19% decline in numbers compared to the same time in 2008. This is a significant decrease, and has been attributed to people staying at home and not going out to land casinos to gamble.

Instead, it seems people are spending more time gambling on the internet. When playing online, a lot of the expenses that come along with land-based gambling are either reduced or eliminated – food, drink, entertainment, transportation, etc. Instead, players can sit at home in their pajamas if they like, drinking cheap beer and eating potato chips while playing blackjack for real money on the internet!

At Blackjack Champ, we know as well as anyone that even when times are hard, blackjack players still need to play. Enjoying the game online is a smart move, and it can save money in the long run. There are hundreds of internet casinos out there offering online blackjack, and we’ve played them all. You can find our top picks here, along with in-depth reviews and other useful information.

If you’ve got to play, then save money and do it from home!