Playing blackjack in a brick & mortar casino is a treat for all the senses. The lights and sounds of the casino, the weight of the chips in your hand, the feel of the smooth green felt of the table, and even the smell of a freshly-opened deck of cards – all of these contribute to what makes blackjack so fun to play.

But when playing online, all of this is gone, replaced by artificial pictures on a computer screen. So why play online? There are a lot of purists out there who insist on playing blackjack with a deck of cards. But there are some very good reasons to enjoy the game on the internet!

5. Online blackjack is more comfortable
When playing online blackjack games, you can be as comfortable as you like. You can sit around in your bathrobe and slippers if you want, sipping your morning coffee. You can throw on your favorite music, sit in your favorite chair, and feel relaxed. If you are not comfortable, you will be distracted, and if you are distracted, you won’t play well. By playing online blackjack games, you can avoid this.

4. Online blackjack is less stressful
Casinos can be intimidating places. This is especially true for beginner players – it seems everyone else knows more about the game than you, which can be a very uncomfortable feeling. You feel rushed by the dealer and by other people at the table to hurry up and make your decision. But when you play blackjack on the internet from your own home, it’s just you and your cards, with nothing else to worry about.

3. Online blackjack is great for practicing
If you were to walk into a land-based casino and ask to play a few rounds of blackjack for free to just try things out, you would definitely get some strange looks. But online, this is very possible! Most internet casinos offer free blackjack games, letting players of every skill level practice new strategies or try out new game variations. There simply is no better place to learn and practice playing blackjack than on the internet.

2. Online blackjack offers bonuses and promotions
When you are playing in Vegas and you are having a good night, you might get comped a room or a free buffet dinner. These are nice, but really, you are there to win money, right? When playing blackjack on the internet, things are different. You get money back on every dollar you wager at the casino in the form of deposit bonuses, comps points, and more. If you use bonuses wisely, you can double or even triple the amount of money you are playing with, which really increases your chances of winning big!

1. Online blackjack lets you use calculators and tables to perfect your game
If you sit at a blackjack table in Atlantic City and pull out a counting device, or even a scrap of paper with a blackjack strategy chart on it, you won’t be sitting there for long! But when you are playing online, you can use all the tools you need to be certain you make the right play. But this is very important – use these tools to learn and practice, but don’t rely on them all the time. Once you have a good strategy down, put the charts and calculators away, and play on your own. That way, when you step into a land-based casino, you’ll be unstoppable!

Hopefully you are convinced by now that playing blackjack online has some major advantages over playing blackjack in a brick & mortar casino. While internet blackjack will never replace the “real thing”, it’s not going away any time soon. If you need help getting started, or you want some advice about what internet casino to play at, check out our exclusive blackjack casino reviews. Have fun, and good luck!