Every once in a while we like to report on major blackjack tournaments at brick & mortar casinos around the world. This weekend there’s a big event happening in Las Vegas, at the Golden Nugget Casino. It’s their annual “Luck of the Irish” blackjack tournament, and it’s going to be incredible!

It all starts on Friday the 13th (hope you’re not superstitious!), and it will last all through the weekend, ending on Sunday the 15th. This is a high-stakes tournament with a hefty entry fee of $500, so it’s not for everyone. But with a $100,000 prize pool, and a first place prize of $50,000 cash, it could definitely be worth while!

Actually, the $50,000 cash prize is just one option for the first place winner. Instead, they can choose to take home tax-free “Play Till You Lose” Promo Chips. These chips only work in the casino, but since they are tax free, the winner gets more chips than their cash equivalent. A final option of free slot play is also available to the first place winner.

This is an elimination-style tournament. The high entry fee means only serious players will join in, so competition is going to be intense. It’s all happening at one of the finest casinos in Vegas, so it is sure to be a popular event too. The Golden Nugget has won lots of awards over the years.

If you’re in or around Vegas this weekend, don’t miss this great event. Even if you just go to watch, it’’s sure to be a lot of fun. For everyone who can’t make it to this great blackjack event, look here to find some of our favorite online blackjack casinos for you to enjoy. Good luck!