Unlocked iPhones prices
Unlocked iPhone

The official Apple announcement featured only US pricing policy for the upcoming iPhone 4S, but now mobile gamers can look at other countries’ prices as well.

The untimely death of the wizard who brought job to millions of people, jobs to countless people throughout the world, and alleviated loneliness through his lifelong commitment to excellence in electronics, Mr. Steve Jobs has passed away. To commemorate his passing, prices for the newly unveiled Apple 4S are to be as following:

Mobile casinos regulars in Canada can lay their hands on an unlocked iPhone 4S with 16GB of internal memory for CA$649 (US$616), the 32GB and 64GB models are rumored to go for $100 and $200 more respectively.

European owners of iPhone casinos will be able to buy the new unlocked wonder phone for €629 in Germany and £499 in United Kingdom. (for 16GB models naturally)

Apple was also kind enough to provide mobile casino games fans with pricing information for the new 8GB version of the iPhone 4. Canada – CA$549, Germany – €519 and United Kingdom – £429. Not as cheap as we had hoped. Especially if you know that you are getting the same design and touchscreen as a year-old-phone.

But wait, there’s more hilarious news from Apple orchard. The guys from Cupertino are planning to offer us iPhone 3GS. That’s right there’s a “new” two-year-old iPhone with HVGA screen, 3MP snapper with VGA video recording, 600 MHz CPU and 256MB of RAM. Steve, please come back and slap some sense into Tim Cook. For those still interested the 3GS will sell for CA$375/€369/£319 in Canada/Germany/UK respectively.