UK gambler behind bars
Gambler jailed

Yorskhire conman is jailed after defrauding business clients and family to support blackjack activities

Balraj Kaler, 34, from Huddersfield in Yorskshire, was arrested after getting caught thieving from various people, including business clients and his own family to support his online gambling activities.

The gambler was jailed for 16 months after his offenses contributed to a Calderdale firm going into administration and risking bankruptcy. Kaler admitted several offenses of fraud in his position as a credit controller with ACP Coatings

Kaler started few years ago playing in land and online casinos. During the first months, he was often seen winning at blackjack, but after some time luck had departed him.

The Yorkshire man already had a run-in with the law a few months ago. However, his dealings caused at least three people to lose their jobs this time.

After the first incident, Kaler allegedly developed his own blackjack card counting system, but apparently failed to make any money and run into debts.

Kaler pocketed over GBP 60,000 over a four-month period between September 2011 and January 2012. He also took several thousands of pounds from his brother’s bank account.

The gambler, who also has a degree in economics, got a job at ACP Coatings in Sowerby Bridge through his uncle in October 2011. Soon, his bosses noticed that some client payments did not appear in the company accounts.

According to the judge, the company took action against Kaler, but also paid a GBP 23,000 treatment at the Priory Rehabilitation clinic for him.

The rehab didn’t work out, and Kaler started snatching money again to play online blackjack. The family caught him again, this time reporting the case to the police.