Prince Harry butt helps Vegas
Prince Harry

Las Vegas nob-casino entertainment receives a lot of publicity after Prince Harry shows his butt

The third in line to the British throne has become the Wunderkind for Las Vegas. Prince Harry’s latest misendeavors might help to restore the former glory of Sin City.

Vegas Casinos need to regain their status as a spot that is favored by the flashy crowd. Average gamblers spending went down to $447 from $652 in 2006, with high-roller blackjack spending going down 30 percent.

After photos of Prince Harry playing strip billiards hit the news, Vegas received a lot of exposure for its excellent non-casino entertainment venues. Although the publicity received was good for the Nevada destination, not everyone was happy about the leaked photos.

A spokeswoman for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority told casino gambling news sites that her agency is pleased with the “buzz and coverage” with the campaign nagging those who broke the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” code by taking photos of Prince Harry’s naked butt.

Nevada casinos face a lot of competition from other states. Online casinos advertise real Vegas blackjack experience without having to fly to the city. But hey, do you know the difference between playing in a land casino and online one? You can meet people like Prince Harry in the first one. In the second one, you only meet an Avatar.

Casino gambling news expert Jonathan Segal recently stated: “You can game on the Internet, game on the reservations and in lot of U.S. states. So what does Vegas do? They say, ‘OK we’re going to turn this into the greatest party city in the world.”

Prince Harry just arrived in time to Sin City.