Slot machines banned in Hungary
Slots banned

Hungary bans the slot machines outside state-operated casinos in just a few hours after government proposal.

The central European country of Hungary today morning banned the operation all of slot machines outside the three state-controlled casinos. The law was passed just one day after the country’s government announced its intentions to protect its “poorest and most underprivileged” people from gambling by submitting a gambling bill draft to the parliament.

The quality of the legal “work” was inferior, the government commission had to rewrite the original seven-pages of the proposed regulation. They were ready by Tuesday morning, and the new law was voted in with almost unanimous decision. Not a wonder considering the ruling party’s two-third majority. And possibly a world record in law making.

The operators, some of them dubbed as a “serious threat to national security” have 15 days to return their licenses.

The Hungarian gambling industry expressed its concern about the new law, saying that banning slot machines will force the people into illegal gambling. About 10,000 people in hospitality sector are expected to lose their jobs as commissions from slot machines were crucial to most small establishments.

Hungary also applied the gambling regulation for promotions. Companies willing to offer prizes in promotional games such as Facebook applications are now subject to heavy taxes and other levies.

Hungarians are actually banned from any kind gambling, such as blackjack or poker on foreign websites. There are no Hungarian gambling websites as they are not allowed to operate.

The poor fellows are not allowed to sign up for online casino bonuses, or transfer their hard-earned forints to gambling websites.

The only thing left for them is to play lottery and bingo or put wagers on selected sport events on the site of state-owned Szerencsejatek gaming monopoly.