NetEnt blackjack

NetEnt has been producing some of the best online casino games for years. During this time they have built themselves a stellar reputation for exciting and immersive gameplay, great prizes and good value for money. One particular area we feel they’ve excelled in is in the field of online blackjack. Simply put, NetEnt produces some of the best, and certainly favourite blackjack games to be found on the entire internet. So let’s take a look under the hood and see what makes their games so popular.

NetEnt Blackjack – The Most Popular Game Types 

It seems as though the software producer NetEnt has been producing some of the best online blackjack games over the last decade. So it’s no surprise that many blackjack players look out for NetEnt blackjack whenever they visit an online casino in the hope to win the jackpot online. So we thought that today we’d have a look at the top five NetEnt blackjack games. We want to see what the unique features are, as well as the game’s playing characteristics. 

Double Exposure NetEnt Blackjack 

The variation known as Double Exposure Blackjack from NetEnt features different rules from the standard game you’re probably used to. First, we should point out that the dealer’s cards are dealt face up. This gives you a huge amount of added information before the game gets going. Having said that, this game is really for professional players and it forms part of NetEnt’s Pro Series. 

NetEnt blackjack
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One of the most unique characteristics of this game is the payouts, which are at 1:1. You’ll find that Double Exposure Blackjack has an RTP percentage of 99.33%. This is not only a decent rate, but it’s also a very rewarding one. In truth, we find that Double Exposure Blackjack is not really for beginners. But it’s for more experienced players. If you’re one of these, then you’ll find it a very nice break from your regular online blackjack games. We suggest that you spend some time looking through all the rules. We also suggest that you’ll have a great time playing at 22Bet Casino, where you’re able to play for real money.

Blackjack Professional Series NetEnt

With all the greatest online blackjack games you’re likely to come across the NetEnt Blackjack Professional Series. Just as the title suggests, we can’t recommend this game for beginners or novices. That’s because the rules are twisted in such a way as to make the game much more exciting and, to a degree, much more difficult. Especially for players with a minimal understanding of blackjack strategy. This is a game that also includes side bets. These are placed after the main bet but before any of the cards are dealt out.

NetEnt blackjack
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The side bet is the “Double Jack.” It allows you to wager a maximum of 100% on your main wager. Now the way to win this way is to get a pair of jacks or get at least one jack in your initial hand. We should point out that the side bet is separate from the main game. So winning it will not affect your gameplay in any way. If you’re an experienced player who knows how to play blackjack well, then you’ll be looking for more immersive gameplay. To that end, we can certainly recommend the Blackjack Professional Series from NetEnt.

NetEnt Blackjack Classic 

This version of blackjack is called NetEnt Blackjack Classic, and it’s probably the most regular form of Blackjack you’re going to find online. As such, you’ll find it suitable for players of every level. As with any regular four-deck blackjack variant, the payout is 3:1, and you’ll find special features like split and insurance. The RTP is very welcoming at 99.65%. This makes it a safe game, especially for novice players.

As with all versions of regular blackjack, the idea behind this game is that the player has a stronger hand than the dealer but without going bust over 21. This classic blackjack variant has a splitting function that allows players to split any initial pair. This gives them the power to double or hit the split pair as if each one was a regular hand. One thing to keep in mind though is that re-splitting is not an option in Blackjack Classic.

Single Deck Blackjack Professional 

If you’re into card counting then this might be the game for you as it utilises all but a single deck. (though we must say that card counting online is going to be a pretty difficult endeavour). Nevertheless, this flawless game from NetEnt pays out at 3:2. The RTP isn’t quite as high as the previous two games, but it still comes in at a very respectable 99.56%. The fact the game only has one deck makes it unique. But keep in mind there are no surrenders and there are certainly no split bets allowed in this variation.

NetEnt blackjack
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Providing you’re utilising perfect blackjack strategies then you can push the house edge down to as low as 0.41%. Single Deck NetEnt Blackjack Professional has straightforward rules. This means that it’s especially playable by novice or new players. Of course, to do well, you’ll need to apply a basic blackjack strategy in this particular version. You’ll also find that there are very broad betting limits. This means that the game is great for both high rollers and low rollers.

Pontoon NetEnt

Pontoon is a traditional British type of blackjack. It has the possibility of a win through a 5-card check. The payout is at 2:1 and you’re able to play up to three hands simultaneously. Within the casino industry, the game of Pontoon is known as the “Banking Game.” It’s also a popular family game that children enjoy playing. One thing to notice is that depending on which country it’s situated in, the rules of Pontoon can vary considerably. In this game, the “bank” is chosen by the first person to draw a jack from the deck. The basic aim is for the other players to beat the banker.

Once they do so, the game comes to an end. You’ll find that the online game of Pontoon with NetEnt blackjack comes with amazing graphics and an easy to play design. It’s not surprising that it’s one of the top choices for gamblers around the world.

The Top NetEnt Blackjack Casinos

Now we’ve been through some of the blackjack variations from NetEnt, it’s time to find an online casino to play them at. Here at, we always suggest that you look for a casino that comes with a proper gambling licence. This can be from a reputable gaming authority such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority.

NetEnt blackjack
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These licences will give you confidence that the casino in question is reputable. And more importantly, you’ll get your winnings. As a given, we always suggest that you read through the website’s terms and conditions. This will ensure no unpleasant surprises further down the road when playing NetEnt blackjack.

Many NetEnt blackjack casino sites will let you play online blackjack for fun, in the form of free play. This allows you to practice your strategies before embarking on your blackjack journey with your bankroll.

NetEnt Software – All About this Top Provider

If you take a look over all the most successful online casinos, you’ll find that one of the key ingredients is the choice of a software developer. Of course, the developer space is full of many companies, some old and some new. But it’s the quality of the graphics, bonuses and gameplay that encourage the players to sign up for a new casino and continue playing. As a result, they return again and again to experience the great game selection. One of the leaders in the software games development field is NetEnt. We would suggest that it’s been a favourite for both online casino businesses like 22Bet Casino, and their playing customers for a considerable period now.

You’ll find that NetEnt has an innovative approach to developing its games. As such, you’ll find that virtually all their games come with unique and interesting features along with top-notch design elements. One thing that NetEnt blackjack does very well, is to redo games that contain variations of classic casino games. There’s normally a twist built into the regular rules or characteristics. And this makes them a lot more exciting. You find they have a huge number of RNG games, as well as all the above blackjack games, but are offered as live dealer products.

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