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voters or donors of online gambling  in America
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The regulation of online gambling in America will come to pass as soon as enough cash is pushed into the re-election coffers of members of the US Congress.

While Washington has been unable to pass a single law that didn’t take away some freedom, curtail some previously held right, increase spending, or expanded the government itself, the Europe Union Parliament has been … doing the same.

Yet according to online gambling news, members of the EU Parliament have been actually taking positions and voting on certain issues out of personal beliefs independent of both the fickle mood of the voters or the golden leash of the donors (whether those independent beliefs and are beneficial or harmful to their constituents is a different story.)

What’s amazing, at least in the eyes of American voters, is the number of EU politicians who follow their own agenda which doesn’t change based on results of statistical analysis of the voter’s mood that day.

When an American politician is principal based whose views are steadfast, its story actually becomes newsworthy as is the case with US presidential hopeful Ron Paul, a libertarian. The fact that Ron Paul takes a position on issues independent of voters or donors is mind boggling to most Americans who are used to politicians flip-flopping on practically every issue.

It would surprise few Americans that an elected official would passionately decry the evils of online gambling in front of a religious or a ‘Mothers Against’ conference in the morning, while delivering a heartfelt speech praising the benefits of Online gambling in America to an internet casino affiliate convention later that evening.

After years of relying on daily statistical samples of the views of donors and voters, it’s unlikely that American politicians have a position of their own on any topic, becoming an empty, walking and talking shell, incapable of independent thought without the directions of its owner(s).

Political Dilemma of Online Gambling in America

If the benefit from a prospective ‘campaign donation’ from a group opposing online gambling in America outweighs the loss of votes from constituents in favor of online gambling in America, the donation wins. Otherwise the donation must be sweetened by the donor to make even the loss of every single vote becomes acceptable – as in when an elected Republican or Democrat switches political parties in the middle of their term.

When large political campaign contributors across the political spectrum begin to support legal and regulated online gambling in America, every politician would be tripping over each other to sponsor the USA Casinos online bill.

The four elected clowns responsible for sneaking the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) into the SAFE Ports Act would have been on their knees with tears of remorse, wailing on TV – ‘I have sinned’ – if the philosophical views of their ‘owners’ have changed.

Online gambling in America will be regulated and taxed, and you can bet your bottom dollar on that – if not in 2012 than the following year.

When the choice becomes to either accept yet another tax hike or to regulate and tax internet games of chance and skill, even the staunchest opponent of online gambling in America will change their mind and so will their Congress-puppets.