Deutsche Sportwetten is to be bought up by Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Sportwetten is to be bought up by Deutsche Telekom










The German sports betting market is about to get a new big players as Deutsche Telekom makes moves to enter the online market.

The online world produces some interesting partnerships and associations, the drive to turn a profit often overshadowing old-world thinking as it is dazzled by the bright shiny gleam of the internet and its almost unlimited potential for business. This week it is German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom that is broadening its online interests, and choosing to do so by entering into the very lucrative world of online sports betting.

German Sports Betting Market To Get Another Player

• Deutsche Telekom buys up online concern

• Uncertain what services will be on offer

Mobile sportsbooks likely to be available

Their intention is to buy up a controlling interest in a company called Deutsche Sportwetten (aka DSW) and offer through that a range of opportunities for customers including mobile sports betting. There are some small hurdles to get over first, DSW requiring a government license being the major one, but industry watchers say in a deal of this size the chances are that said governmental approval is probably merely a formality.

DSW is currently owned by an Austrian gambling concern that will retain a minority stake in the company after the take over, which is now on hold until after a 15 day waiting period. With such a huge corporate entity like Deutsche Telekom making such public moves to enter the world of gambling it becomes ever more clear that public attitudes to gambling are changing as the methods of access to it move away from the seen-as-seedy casinos of old.

“The sport betting market is booming” a spokeswoman for Deutsche Telekom said in explanation of her companies desire to penetrate this sphere, “so an entry is of interest to Deuctsche Telekom” adding for clarity and precision “It is not yet clear what products we will be offering.”

That might sound a tad coy but until the deal is finalized there is unlikely to be any desire by the players involved to limit their future options by public statement at this time. As providers of online access becoming provider of services online beyond those traditionally seen as part of the industry is just one of a number of smart strategies telecoms companies will be looking at not just in Germany but around the world.