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Paddy Power turns down the invitation to Kim Jong-un’s birthday basketball show

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s latest visit to North Korea did not remain without consequences. According to the latest mobile gambling news, Paddy Power decided they no longer want to associate the company’s name with Rodman and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s basketball event.

Earlier this year, the basketball pro started putting together a plan for a major basketball event in Pyongyang, with the participation of 11 other former NBA players. The initiative sparked a lot of controversy because as it was meant to mark Kim Jong-un’s birthday.

Paddy Power explained their decision in a brief statement: “This isn’t a financial decision. We’ll be honoring all our contractual commitments to Dennis and his team. We’ve reviewed the project and with the benefit of hindsight, we’ve recognized we’ve got this one wrong. Because of this, we have decided to remove our name from the event.”

From “Yes” to “No”

Until recently, the Irish online and mobile sports betting operator had no financial or moral issues with supporting the event. Earlier this year, the friendship between dictator Kim Jong-un and Rodman has generated a lot of publicity for Paddy Power.

Last week, Rodman’s visit to North Korea made the news, but only briefly. The former NBA ace is aware that other players invited to the basketball event may have reservations about visiting North Korea, given the tense political climate, but says he’ll go ahead with his plans anyway.