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BullfightingBullfighting Nepal

The bullfighter readies himself, the bull plods into the arena and the crowd goes wild in anticipation of the bullfight.

A scene of a bulls and men in the arena as the Sun beats down and the crowd goes wild. Gamblers, with well-developed casino strategies, betting on the outcome. You’d be forgiven for thinking that bullfighting only takes place in Latin countries. It is also very popular in the Foothills of the Himalayas in Kathmandu.

Nepali-style bullfighting is fairly different from the well-known Spanish version, as bulls and men work in tandem against other teams. In a match, bulls shove, butt and grunt against each other until one of them gives up or turns its back

“I am a farmer and I usually use my bull to work the fields. Bull fights are just for entertainment. I can compete with the same bull for up to three years,” says Sigdel, a farmer.

Betting on the bulls

Betting is illegal in Nepal, but police often turn a blind eye to it. Mobile sportsbooks are offered at many of these events but in Nepal more traditional sportsbook methods are used. People bet small or large amounts of money on bulls based on how much cash they have in their wallets,” Sanju Thapa, a spectator said.

Mr. Sigdel, says: “I do not accept bets for my bull, but if I win I will receive a cash prize from the organizers.”