Japan entry for PrePlay Sports
Japanese market

Japanese Predictive Betting App Next Move for PrePlay Sports

Predictive mobile games developer PrePlay, Inc has joined teams with Fairpoint Ventures LLC to spearhead an entry into the Japanese market. The companies hope to provide mobile sports betting and other predictive betting services to a Japanese market that hasn’t had much outsider influence yet.

As the Japanese market is one of the biggest, they are in need of a high quality mobile sportsbook, and PrePlay hopes they can provide this, partially thanks to their knowledge of baseball. PrePlay CEO Andrew Daines believes that is key to their success in the Japanese market.

“PrePlay is already the official predictive gaming app of Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League, and just announced the release of CBS Sports PrePlay which will offer PrePlay’s exciting gaming experience for all Pro and many college football games. International expansion is a natural next step for us.”

With Android and iPhone gambling the biggest growth market for many companies, the move was a chance for Fairpoint to flex their muscles too. Managing Partner James Ryan expanded on Daines’ belief: “Japan is the second-largest baseball market in the world. As a baseball fan who spent 12 years in Japan, I am personally quite excited to be working with PrePlay to bring their technology to sports fans all over Japan.”