Samsung Galaxy S IV release date
Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IV rumors and speculations continue to occupy the minds of gamers and cyberspace at mobile casino forums.

Although, it now seems clear that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will not be officially unveiled at the MWC, there still remains the question of when. It’s safe to suppose that the Korean giant will use one of its dedicated Unpacked events to showcase the new Android casino monster, Samsung is in a habit of doing that, judging by the previous announcements.

According to some sources such an event will take place in late March. This is more or less in line with the previous rumors about the mobile casino games device putting its release on either an April or May date.

Looking back into not so distant past, the Samsung Galaxy S III was revealed and later launched in May, this can also confirm the suggested March announcement and launch for the successor.

The same source is claiming the Unpacked event is scheduled to take place in the USA, regardless that the last one was in London. Samsung might be aiming to steal some thunder from Apple, planning to announce a brand new iPad right around that time. Not a bad effort to provide yet another pinch in the on-going patent wars.

In any case we will continue to monitor the news closely and bring our readers the latest information as it comes in.