Nevada casinos embrace mobile app
Mobile app for casino

Portable device app gives players the freedom to roam the casino.

A new mobile application promises to liberate players who wish to play table games in land-based casinos, from being squeezed into a few square feet. The app, developed by oneLIVE, allows players to wander around anywhere on a casino’s property while still being able to play their blackjack cards or get involved in any other game that tickles their fancy.

With an increasing number of players preferring online gambling to physical presence, oneLIVE hopes to build on that sentiment. Recent company communication claims that “the inspiration came from helping traditional casinos connect to the mobile generation.”

Once installed, this integrated, casino account-based wagering app (also called oneLIVE) lets users sit in their rooms, relax in the casino resort’s pool or even watch some live entertainment, while still betting as if they were standing right by the table, thereby blurring difference between playing in a casino and online.

Aiming to fill a niche between classic casino gaming and online gambling, oneLIVE insists that their app will help “table returns increase dramatically. Table margins can be improved by extending the game floor and reaching more players with live streaming video and mobile player apps. One player, a hundred players, or a thousand players can all play with the same dealer.”

Providing players all the relaxing amenities of a casino resort and simultaneously offering a mobile casino gambling feeling may just be the right strategy to boost brick and mortar casino revenues.