We take a look at the worlds of sex and gambling and see the degree to which they overlap and what effect they have on each other.

The early pioneering work of propagandist Edward Bernays in mass manipulation used many of the principles as laid down by Freudian psychoanalysis and helped convert a predominantly “needs” based system of consumerism to a “wants” lead economy of consumption. Modern day advertising stems directly from this inter-war years work and the use of sex to sell us things has been a mainstay ever since.

Sex and gambling have been associating, however, far longer. We may have become desensitized to the sexual imagery that we see in advertising but that doesn’t negate the fact that it works (if it didn’t they wouldn’t bother) but when it comes to gambling we are particularly vulnerable to the influence of sex on our decision making, risk taking and situational analysis. The worlds of sex and gambling are very often intertwined.

Is There A Link Between Sex And Gambling?

Blackjack casinos online use sex to boost profits

• Internet uses sex to sell everything

• Gameplay can be foreplay

~ Are Gambling And Sexual Behaviors Connected? ~

There is plenty of evident to suggest that there are vast similarities between these two pleasurable activities and scientists have long sought to identify and quantify these. This isn’t merely so they can see the effects of the activity but also what causes and perpetuates it. Studies are conducted in order to gain a picture of what links there are between sexual behavior and gambling habits, with results that may not surprise anyone at all who keeps up with the casino gambling news.

Of course as with any study of human behavior there is a chance that the wrong conclusions can be arrived at simply by dint of not taking into account enough contributory factors at the outset. However despite some studies being flawed and hopelessly tied to other agendas, it is unlikely anyone is going to immediately dismiss the idea of sex and gambling having a connection, perhaps because we already view them in a similar manner.

~ Male Gamers Prefer Gambling To Sex ~

Men for instance have actually been proven to have a slight bias towards gambling over sex when offered a method of direct comparison. The percentages may be small and not make many ripples in the gambling news but in the realms of entire populations this can still equate to a sizable number of people, men, who instinctively find the gambling of money more attractive than the process of engaging in sexual activity. Studies that back this up are changing the way we view both.

As the internet booms online casinos like casino Casinorgy are only now beginning to mix actual gameplay with sexual content and the degree to which that is slanted in favor of one or the other is something these studies will probably help shape in the future. The internet responds well to any slight sea change in public perception and desire so as the interest in these online sex games grows so will their prevalence.

~ Sex Themed Online Casino Games Here To Stay ~

The development of gambling games online that feature sexual content has been surprisingly slow in light of the massive use of it in other forms of entertainment. Television, movies, music videos and adverts all use sexual imagery to keep us watch, listening and consuming, so why are there so few betting sites that use it to the same degree, and is that now changing as the connection between gambling and sex become more evident?

The slow uptake might be due to social acceptability which although hugely faster online than in the physical world still marks sex out as more acceptable an interest than gambling, porn sites still dwarfing gambling sites in number even today. However that is likely to change over time and we’ll see far more online casinos replicating what physical land-based casinos have been doing for years.

~ Does Sex Boost The Gambling Urge? ~

Casinos have long since surrounded gamblers with pretty ladies in sexy outfits knowing that doing so increased the profits of their establishment. The gaming tables of western saloons always seemed to have ladies around in burlesque outfits, and rather than just being something to do with your winnings should you be so lucky, they were also there as a piece of sexual imagery that would increase the propensity of punters to wager higher amounts.

This has been proven in a recent study and whilst it might not come as a complete shock that men’s judgments are not at their best when thinking about sex, the degree to which it is a factor in the gambling habits of men is undeniable. The girl bringing you drinks at the blackjack table in Vegas isn’t merely a courtesy of the establishment for your impeccable casino table manners but also very much part of the house edge over the gambler.

~ Historical Connections Twixt Sex And Gambling ~

Of course the connection between gambling and sex whilst only now becoming a matter of record due to neuroscience and MRI scans, one need not dig too far into history to fine examples of their combination by famous people of their day. From paupers to kings, from merchants to mercenaries, the list is quite inexhaustible, however some men stand out from the crowd having not merely indulged a little in these pastimes together, but positively dived in head first and wallowed.

They might not have had online gambling sex games but a few clicks away as we do today with the ubiquity of internet access, but these historical figures made the most of their passion for both sex and gambling to such a degree they have, in some cases, become synonymous with doing so. From Charles II to Casanova the exploits of these historical figures leave no doubt that sex and gambling have a link and addictions to them just as much.

~ Sex Addicts And Gambling Addicts. Are They The Same? ~

Addiction takes many forms and can seem a disparate collection of maladies when directly compared to each other, some truly bizarre, some entirely mundane, however addiction to gambling and sex addiction have some striking similarities. Freud’s work with sex and gambling addicts helped him more closely define the subconscious desires that all humans are effected by in their day to day decision making and modern psychology is using his work to analyze addicts.

The impulse control failures of both sets of addicts are a lamentable process addiction to the seeking of the pleasurable thrill that both gambling and sex can provide. Winning money, in say a blackjack tournament, often producing the same euphoric feeling as sexual congress, psychologists see the symptoms of both to be very alike and the possible treatments being almost the same, because we often think of sex and gambling in entirely similar terms.