Jerry-SyJerry Sy caught

After turning up at a casino with guns literally blazing, police in the Philippines are trying to figure out why a Chinese high-roller was caught with a small arsenal of weapons outside the Resorts World Casino in Manila.

What’s the difference between play in casino and online? Not getting shot or into knife fights, in this case.

Things got heavy outside the casino in the Resorts World Manila in Pasay City back in December, when police caught Chinese high-roller Jerry Sy trying to stab casino agent Joseph Ang in the VIP parking area early in the morning.

Maybe the agent’s casino table manners upset Sy, however the police believe that Sy was a gang enforcer who attacked Ang over casino debts.

Chinese high-roller brings guns to knife fight

When the police arrived on the scene to catch Sy in the act, he fled to his car and two 9mm clips fell out of his pockets.

Upon searching Jerry Sy’s Honda Accord, police uncovered a small arsenal of weapons, including an automatic rifle, a 9mm Glock pistol, a .380-caliber and two .22-caliber pistols.

That wasn’t all. Police also found smoke bombs, grenades, a hammer, a Taser and even ‘tetusubishi’ Ninja spikes among the couple of hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Police are trying to figure out what Sy was doing packing so much heat, but the arms-carrying maverick is refusing to co-operate. So far, officials believe he’s a gang-enforcer, although he could just be a fan of John Woo movies.