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Smartphones outperformed feature phones
IDC findings

Unprecedented popularity of Android OS helped smartphones achieve higher shipment numbers in Europe than ordinary mobile phones for the first time.

The world’s top market intelligence company IDC has recently released Q2 2011 figures, revealing mobile phone shipments data. A fundamental shift in the market can be observed: smartphone shipments have outgrown those of feature phone shipments for the first time, and shipments of rotary mobile phones are practically non existent.

Fans of Android casinos will be pleased to know that their favorite OS has helped the smartphone business to expand. Unprecedented levels of Android usage (352 percent year on year growth) resulted in Android-powered phones accounting for 48.5 percent of the total market. The figures for mobile casinos operating on rotary phones have not been released as of publishing time.

Mobile casinos has played an important role in Samsung becoming the number one manufacturer, thanks to high popularity of Galaxy S II with mobile gamers. Samsung is leading with 22 percent market share, while Apple is trailing in second with 21 percent. Samsung figures are shining brightly, as the Korean giant enjoyed a whopping 700 percent increase year on year.

Apple only managed to come up with 64 percent growth for its beloved devices, becoming more and more popular with regulars of iPhone casinos. For the first time Nokia is the biggest loser with 60 percent drop in shipments. Yet Nokia is still number one manufacturer in Europe with 37 percent of market share if smartphones and feature phones are combined.