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The broken system of two political parties in the United States forces supporters of legalized online gambling in America to support additional (and unwanted) parts of a political party platform package.

According to casino gambling news, the two party political system in the United States is creating some strange bedfellows for the supporters of a legal and regulated online gambling industry in America.

I am an avid supporter of legal online casinos, online blackjack, and regulated online poker rooms in the United States, with a firm belief that every American adult has a right to gamble or play poker online with their own money without government interference.

The two American political parties, whose belief systems are carved in stone, force voters to accept package deals even if the voter supports just a handful of issues of the overall party’s platform.

Those other political beliefs that are part of that package deal must be accepted no matter how hard they are to swallow.

I had to make some adjustments in my life in order to be more in line with the belief system of the American party which supports the legalization of online gambling.

I’ve become a supporter of illegal immigration, amnesties, and open borders. The idea of raising taxes is slowly starting to make lots of sense. I am doing my best in accepting the fairness of redistribution of wealth. The support group I’ve joined is helping.

I’ve become a true believer in global warming. Before I became a vegetarian I only ate organic tuna guaranteed to be dolphin free. I briefly became a Buddhist. I use magnets, crystals and incense when sick.

After some initial difficulty, I finally see how cow flatulence from herds destined for McDonalds ( grazing on land that was once a mighty rain-forest) are indeed responsible for the melting of the polar ice caps.

I bought a poster of a shivering penguin covered in spilled crude oil. I learned to silently weep over the plight of the spotted owl, the Alaskan caribou, and the silverback gorilla. I go to every art gallery that exhibits the latest art masterpieces created out of human or animal feces.

I am now almost sure that communism does work, and America is just the country that will succeed proving the wisdom of Karl Marx. I think nobody should legally own guns except the government since they know what’s best for me anyway.

I am learning to blame every problem on my disadvantaged upbringing. I bought a dart board with Bush’s photo but quickly recycled it since it might teach my daughters a wrong lesson about violence. I started smoking pot, but did not inhale.

I’ve installed solar panels and a mini wind turbine. In my new solar powered shower, I practice chanting ‘free, free, Palestine; down, down Israel.’ I eagerly await the arrival of my ACLU membership card.

I strongly support affirmative action, not only to address the past but future wrongs. I frown when driving past churches and smile at newly built mosques. I now have a photo of George Soros in my wallet.

I try to use the words ‘unfair’, ‘oppressor’, ‘proud indigenous people’, ‘neocons’, and ‘imperialism’ at least twice daily. I reprimanded a junior copywriter for daring to use the word ‘fireman.’

I never objectify women and only respect them for their mind while feeling guilty over the many millennia of unfair tyranny they had to overcome while under the cruel yolk of males.

I must endure this and more in order for online gambling to possibly become legalized. Please support Ron Paul during the upcoming 2012 U.S. election or just shoot me (using recycled lead).