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Online Poker

American online poker player as well as online blackjack gamblers are beginning to emigrate in larger numbers after examining all the available options.

According to casino gambling news, after the sad events of Black Friday, millions of American online poker players have been dealing with a huge hole in their lives. A friend of mine firmly believes that ‘The Arab Spring’, those uprisings in Egypt, Libya and Syria are directly responsible for Black Friday.

His argument is that American politicians trip over themselves in a stampede to ‘bring freedom’ to a country like Afghanistan, Iraq, or Kosovo while at the same time, to balance things out, take away some freedoms (and a chunk of tax revenues) from U.S. citizens. With ideas like that it’s not surprising that he hasn’t been playing well at home games and has been hooked on anti-depressants since April.

Casino are Poor Substitute for Online Poker

Just like him, some American online poker player have been attempting to play poker at live casinos, an excruciatingly slow and uncomfortable adjustment for players used to the energy of lightning quick, simultaneous, ten online poker games.

The difference between blackjack in casino and online is great but it pales to poker in comparison.

Another friend swears that he was playing 5/10 at a brick-n-mortar casino, and an elderly woman fell asleep in the middle of the hand with her eyes open. The rest of the elderly players at the table seemed content with just sitting under the buzzing UV lights above ‘as if they were geckos warming themselves under the tropical sun.’

Online Poker Players in Search of a Surrogate Country

Other American poker players are packing and leaving for just about anywhere else. The world is a big place, the US passport needs few visas, and even if the strength of the U.S. Dollar is all but a distant memory, there are plenty of places where the internet is fast, the natives are friendly, the beer is cold and the ladies are warm.

I left America two years earlier. It was the best decision of my life and I am much happier than back in Brooklyn, New York. I didn’t want Canada since the warmest place in the winter there is still colder than Northern Montana.

Latin America is a great place, but a bit too violent for my taste. Living as a virtual prisoner in your gated community surrounded by squads of mercenaries and body guards; establishing perimeters and posting patrol schedules on the fridge are just not by cup of tea. Others love it there, especially in Panama and Costa Rica.

Do Europeans Love American Online Poker Player Refuges?

Speaking of tea, or better yet, beer, $10 for a pint in UK is rough. Also Europeans are bogged down by immigration as is, and would happily accept an entire village of malevolent goat herders than even one Yank.

The options of pretending to either be a Canadian or engaging in daily heated battles with the dense ultra-politicized socialists felt like a loose/loose proposition bet.

How stupid must one be not to see that if an American sells his belongings and leaves USA, that perhaps they have a problem with certain policies of the American government (such as its war against online poker)?

Only the truly obtuse, brainwashed tools would persist in endless political diatribes in the hopes of exposing the stereotypical ‘violent American’.

Oh give me a home, where the geckos roam…

I settled in South East Asia. The weather is 88-92 (29-32 Celsius) degrees daily. I have live-in servants that I hired to do everything needed around the 5 room condo I rent for less per month than my past electric bills in New York.

Everybody smiles, and even if they hate me from the bottom of their hearts (as some long term disillusioned ex-pats suggest), they will be polite to my face.

At midnight I stroll down alone to buy a beer at a gas station without need of ‘establishing a perimeter’ or doing a recon missions first.

Best of all, I have a local bank account with a credit card, a yearly multi-entry renewable business visa, a 300K/sec internet as well as a 250K/sec mobile internet for my laptop. I found my new home-base and it’s great to feel free again!

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There many other benefits to living, playing and partying in South East Asia. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me – [email protected]