USA casinos
USA casinos

Blackjack sells. At least, that’s what many casinos in the US seem to think. Not all states allow blackjack tables in their casinos (many states don’t allow casinos at all), but where blackjack is legal, casinos seem to prosper. Naturally, when casino operators see blackjack tables bringing in money, they want more. Right now, many USA blackjack casinos are in the process of expanding their blackjack offerings, hoping to better serve their customers and at the same time to increase their profits.

Florida’s Seminole casinos recently got the go-ahead from the state government to install blackjack tables. The Seminole Coconut Creek casino currently has 12 tables – they just got them up and running this year – but they already have plans to expand their section of blackjack card games. Coconut Creek only has a 5 year blackjack deal with the state, so they want to milk it as much as they can.

Meanwhile in South Dakota, the Fort Randall Casino is also in the middle of an expansion project. In addition to a new smoke ventilation system that they are currently installing, the casino plans to upgrade its blackjack offerings using a $10 million loan the casino recently procured.

The state of Pennsylvania has been all over the news as well in recent months, ever since the local government decided to allow black jack tables to be installed in licensed casinos. It has only been a few months since casinos in Pennsylvania installed blackjack tables, but they are already setting new casino revenue records.

Gamblers in the United States who are not fortunate enough to live near a blackjack casino play blackjack online at one of the many fine casinos that accept US players.