Are you looking to break Vegas? You can make the odds sway in your favor by combining basic blackjack strategy with card counting, but with so many methods to choose from, which is the best one to use?

You’ve got the Hi-Lo, K-O, and even the Omega II card counting systems, among others, to turn you into an accomplished advantage player, but a pro’s strength lies in knowing how and why each counting technique has its own level of difficulty and effectiveness.

In the context of card counting, the strategy with medium difficulty is more effective than an easy one, however, what is surprising is that there is a negligible difference between a high and medium difficulty count.

The Omega II is not the easiest card counting method, nor is it the most difficult, but some do argue the secret to winning at blackjack is learning to master it.

What is Omega II?

Omega II was hot back in the 1990s, and any card counting pro used this technique to beat the casino.

The mathematics behind Omega II is not difficult at all, it’s just a matter of keeping track of the numbers by adding and subtracting, but while the Hi-Lo and K-O methods only use -1, 0, +1 in the card counting, Omega II employs a wider range of values.

Other card counting techniques:

• Hi-Lo Method. This is the simplest blackjack card counting strategy, where high cards have the value -1, middle cards 0 and low cards +1

• Knockout Method. This is an unbalanced card count (meaning that the final count of the deck is not zero), this also uses a simple -1,0,+1 system, but also assigns a positive number to 7

• In halves. Here, the values 2 and 7 are worth +0.5, and 5 is worth +1.5 and 9 is worth -0.5

Because you not only have more numbers to keep track of, you also have to keep a count of the number of Aces in the deck, making Advanced Omega II harder. But the good news is if you’re able to master it, then you’ll definitely become a blackjack champ!

How does it work?

Just like the other card counting systems, each card is assigned a specific value. In Omega II, cards 2, 3 and 7 are +1, 4 through to 6 are +2, 8s and Aces are 0, 9 are -1, and 10 through to the King have the value – 2.

As you can see, it’s a complex method, especially since the numbers are not in order, making it difficult to memorize and operate under the pressure and distractions found in casino conditions.

However, like other card counting methods, the higher the positive count, the more money you should bet, and vice versa, and one similarity it has with the Hi-Lo is that it’s a balanced count.

Aces high

Another tricky part of mastering the art of card counting while using the Omega II method is keeping an additional count of the Aces.

To win at blackjack using the Omega II count, you not only need to keep a running count of the cards, but you’ll also need to count the Aces in order to increase the odds in your favor.

In an eight-deck game you’ll have 32 Aces, and having to count those and keep a running count (in which the Aces have a value of zero) of all the other cards being dealt.

However, it looks like science has got your back with this kind of advantage play, since studies have shown that this form of Advanced Omega II increases your odds by three percentage points.

You see, the more Aces you have in the deck, the higher your chances are at getting a blackjack and winning an extra 3-2 payoff!

If you go into a blackjack game armed with the knowledge of a deck that’s rich in Aces, and combine that information with a positive count, this can yield really power results that will make you the master of blackjack.

Pros play Advanced Omega II

Most casino games rely on probability and chance, and it’s impossible to guess the odds, such is the case with craps or with roulette games. However, the beauty of blackjack is with a little work you can play the game to your advantage.

Card counting can turn the game to your advantage, but playing the Advanced Omega II System is even more favorable.

To play blackjack like a pro, if you can dedicate some time to learning the Omega II method and count Aces on the side, you’ll find that the effort will be worth it.

Advanced Omega II is one of the most powerful card counting methods out there, and you’ll find it impossible to become a true blackjack master without it.

However, if you’ve still got a way to go before you become the king of blackjack, then focus on getting the basic strategy down to a tee and then try your hand at the Hi-Lo method.

When you’re confident you can become a true card counter, then Omega II is the way to go.