The online blackjack business has tons of great options beyond standard blackjack. Blackjack switch is one in particular that has gained a big following in recent years.

The world of online blackjack is both deep and wide, offering newcomers as well as experienced players an almost unfathomable amount of training tools, community forums and free and real-money games.

While the land-based casino experience is something that online casinos will never be able to replicate fully, there is an always-rising number of reasons many prefer to play online.

And one of those reasons is blackjack switch, a popular innovation on basic blackjack that has won over a lot of fans since popping up on online casinos a few years ago. In fact, some serious online players now prefer switch to standard blackjack.

To be fair blackjack switch can also be found in some land-based casinos, although it’s comparatively more of an online phenomenon, without a doubt. We’ll fill you in on what this popular blackjack variation is and why people are buzzing about it.

What is blackjack switch?

Blackjack in general is one of the simplest table games out there; you just try to get closer than the dealer to 21 without going over. It gets complicated when you move past basic blackjack strategy and want to get into deeper into things like advantage play and card counting systems.

Blackjack switch is hardly more complex than the standard version. As the player you are dealt two sets of cards face-up. You then have the option of swapping the top two cards to make the best hands possible. After that point the two hands are set and you play them as usual, sticking to the basic strategy or advantage play techniques you normally would.

Other rules to note are that the dealer hits on a soft 17 (as in most blackjack variations) and the player is allowed to split, but not re-split; and the player can only receive one additional card after receiving aces.

Some of the rules are not so player friendly, however. The payout on a blackjack is only 1:1, a far cry from the 3-2 that players have become accustomed to over the years. In addition – this will surprise many readers – if the dealer lands a 22 it is not a bust, but a push. Even if you have a non-blackjack 21 it is still a push.

The advantages of making the switch

It may not sound all that appealing so far, but the truth is the house edge is much lower than in most blackjack games. The standard edge is roughly .53 percent; the edge for online blackjack switch is only .10 percent. In land-based or online live dealer games it’s usually .25 percent (still very low).

Even though the dealer has some advantages and the blackjack payout is even money the fact that you can switch cards gives you an immense advantage. Let’s say that of your two hands, one is a ten-six and the other is an ace-four. Neither hand is too impressive in themselves (actually the former is a pretty poor hand), but swap that ten for the four and what do you get? A blackjack!

You do have to play both of the hands, so you will not always win both of them. But if your blackjack strategy skills are up to par you’ll win often enough to log off with more money than you came with.

Another advantage; it can be more fun. The brilliant game of blackjack can never be dull but blackjack switch takes things to another level. First off you play two hands instead of one, doubling the risk and the excitement.

Then there is the switch itself, which adds a twist to standard blackjack. The game is more complex and requires better decision-making skills, which is one reason why it attracts many experienced blackjack players.

Difficulties involved

Despite the low house edge this game is not really for beginners. Why? You really need to know when to switch and when not to, or else you can actually end up losing more money by playing two hands simultaneously.

While the above mentioned scenario made it seem easy to know when to switch and when not to, it actually requires a decent amount of knowledge about blackjack. Some beginning players get “switch happy,” getting caught up in the fun of the game when in reality they would benefit more from staying put.

But luckily for you there are charts available online by which you can research what to do in which situation. It’s like a basic strategy chart, just tailor-made for blackjack switch.


Blackjack switch can be found at some land-based casinos as well as most online gambling sites. It has a lower house edge than most blackjack games but is tailored to experienced players, not beginners. But if you’ve been playing for awhile and are looking for a new challenge, long on to your favorite online casino and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Learning how to play switch will also help you improve your overall blackjack game.