Gaming on Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s up-and-coming Windows Phone 7 has a few tricks up its sleeves. One of the biggest is its interesting approach to mobile gaming. By teaming up with Xbox Live, Microsoft will be able to compete with the likes of Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s PSP, all without calling their new hardware device a handheld game platform.

Windows Phone 7 will have access to 60 games when it is launched this October, including Xbox classics like Halo and Crackdown. Members of Xbox Live will also be able to access their accounts from the mobile.

As far as mobile casino games go, the Windows Phone 7 will have an edge over other mobile devices, simply because the phone’s web browser will be offering Adobe Flash support within one month after the device launches. This could let gamblers access standard no download casino games with their phones, rather than relying on dedicated mobile casino games.

If the Windows Phone 7 does catch on, then major online casino software groups will likely start producing dedicated games, though since Microsoft is limiting app development to Silverlight, XNA, and the .NET Compact Framework, it could present a challenge. Meanwhile, many mobile casinos are already offering games designed specifically for certain phones, including iPhone casinos, iPad casinos, and Android casinos.