Blackjack in Trump Marina Casino
Trump Marina

Atlantic City casinos may be suffering big time from economic woes and unfashionableness, but that’s not keeping them from fighting the good fight with promotions. Trump Marina Hotel Casino has recently introduced the best possible promo for attracting blackjack players and are achieving incredible success.

With just two $1 blackjack tables, the Trump Marina is experiencing popularity it hasn’t seen in years. As an experiment, Trump Marina applied for licensing for two of the cheapie tables from the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and soon found that the only thing lacking was…a third $1 table, for which the hotel casino has applied.

In the early 1990s, $2 blackjack tables were quite common to see in Atlantic City, but these were gradually phased out in favor of appealing to higher-stakes players. Resorts Atlantic City reintroduced $2 tables in its gameroom earlier this year by dint of a blackjack variation requiring a 25¢ bet of players when betting $2 to $5 on a hand. Trump Marina took up this fee when installing the low-wager tables in its casino.

Nowadays, Trump Marina Casino officials say that the $1 tables make about $1,100 per day in profit for the casino and $1,500 per on Saturdays and Sundays. Some have even hinted that players may soon be seeing even lower-priced games in New Jersey…50¢ blackjack, anyone?