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Multi-hand blackjack

The issue of multiple hand wagering at a blackjack table hasn’t been explored too deep. We bring you one point of view.

Is playing multiple blackjack hands simultaneously at a traditional or online casino considered one of the smart strategies, that should be universally used by neophytes and experts alike?

This question has been widely debated decades before the inventor of the internet was even born, and will be a point of contention long after our generation is nothing but dust. We will discuss the main points agreed upon by the vast majority of experts, leaving other issues on the backburner for blackjack philosophers to debate.

Only experts should play simultaneous multiple blackjack hands. If you have to think about the optimal strategy for even a second, when you have an Ace and a three and the dealer is showing a five, then you should not attempt multi-hand blackjack card games. Do you know the optimal play in this situation? Look at the basic blackjack strategy chart and find out.

Don’t attempt this unless you have a bankroll of 100 times the size of your total bet size ($2000 minimum) with playing two $10 per hand simultaneous blackjack games. The short-term fluctuation can easily cripple even the best of the best as has happened to the MIT blackjack team over a decade ago.

Depending on the number of players at your table, you can expect to make 200-400 instantaneous decisions, each one using advantage strategy. In online blackjack, that number can triple or quadruple. Most traditional casinos will also require players to double their bet size, knowing too well that a pro playing two hands can murder the table deep enough into the shoe.

Do you count cards? If you do not, then this strategy is definitely wrong for you. Most casinos will ask you to double your bets playing two simultaneous blackjack hands. Consider studying these best blackjack card counting books before you even attempt to gain an edge playing two-handed blackjack.

Without card counting and memorizing the perfect strategy for all hand combinations you will wind up losing a lot more in the end then winning. In the United States, card counting is 100% legal despite anything you may have heard.

NJ Supreme Court in USA, ruled that Atlantic City casinos (Uston v. Resorts International) could not use card counting as the sole reason to ban players. The worst that a Las Vegas casino can do is ban you, because an AI program monitoring game play thinks you may be counting cards. Please check with an attorney before practicing card counting within your country or if you are playing on sovereign tribal land.

As you can tell, the article has changed focus now into advantage plays, which is the key to having that 1% advantage over the casino. All other areas of playing multi-handed blackjack card games, such as moving your seat to ‘change the flow of cards’ or juggling 3 rabbit feet before playing, are useless mathematically. If performing such rituals make you more confident, focuses your brain better, and improves your concentration, feel free to change your seat between every hand.

To become a better player, use the tools available on Join one of the recommended online casinos and play free blackjack there. Don’t play blackjack computer games to practice as their random number generator is not truly random.