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“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” -Benjamin Franklin

On Friday April 15, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) addressed the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representative, and expressed his concerns about the Apple iPad, which he believes is destroying American jobs.

The Chicago Congressman supported his position by pointing out that: (a) Apple, a US company, manufactures iPad in China, thereby depriving U.S. residents of potential employment opportunities; and (b) Apple created a product responsible for destroying jobs within the U.S. publishing, bookstore and library industries.

The analysts, owners and proponents of the Apple iPad Casino and iPhone Casino industry absolutely agree with Rep. Jackson assessment.

Jobs are lost in the U.S. manufacturing industry as they’ve been for decades. If Apple starts manufacturing exclusively in the U.S. then consumers would see $5000 iPads, $2000 iPhones and $5000 used Apple Macintosh computers. It would become impossible for Apple to compete in the global market. The products would also become unaffordable by low income families, depriving their children of access to an affordable learning tool needed to compete in the future job market.

Jobs are being lost in the traditional paper publishing industry because consumers prefer reading online or mobile news and articles instead of reading them on paper. For every newspaper that relocates online, tens of thousands of trees will be conserved each year to help fight global warming.

Yet for every unemployed typesetter and lumberjack, there are now twenty newly created (and much higher paying) positions within the mobile publishing industry because of Apple’s iPad and its founder Mr. Steve Jobs.

The iPad Mobile Gambling industry makes it possible for thousands of American to find work during the time when few other industries are hiring.

Thousands of Americans are employed as mobile content producers, programmers, developers, database administrators, mobile casino marketing specialists, mobile SEO search engine optimization experts, mobile advertising gurus, mobile casino affiliates and many more are earning their daily bread in the mobile casino industry solely because of the Apple iPad and iPhone.

The mobile casino industry alone is forecasted to generate 48 billion dollars in 2015 that otherwise would never have existed if not for innovators like Mr. Steve Jobs.

Almost 600 years ago the Gutenberg’s printing press signaled the end of the vellum production industry and 3000 years earlier, the unemployed Sumerian cuneiform chiselers nearly caused a civil war, praying for the destruction of the inventors of ink and papyrus.

This is human progress as it has been and always will be. In a few years or decades, the employees of the mobile industry, and perhaps Sen. Jesse Jackson IV, will decry some new and better invention responsible for ending the mobile industry’s reign.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., has not expressed his support nor opposition to the discriminatory Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) section of the 2006 Ports Act that is destroying tens of thousands of potential American jobs and billions of dollars in tax and licensing which could be earmarked for community groups and social services in cities like Chicago.