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Sports Illustrated Ready to Launch Fantasy Sports and Betting Application

Jul 3, 2014

sports-illustrated-030714Sports Illustrated

Popular sports magazine has created its own app that will allow online customers to place wagers on fantasy sports.

Sports illustrated will release an app titled Fun Nation, which will offer players the chance to partake in the most popular segment of fantasy sports, daily play. The mobile sports betting app is due to be released in late June or early July.

The first application will be called “Baseball Throwdown” which will feature Major League Baseball players. In addition, Sports Illustrated will also introduce games that will revolve around NBA, NHL and NFL players.

The app allows online players to bet money on winning their match, although technically the magazine refers to it as an “entry fee.” Winners are rewarded plus their opponent’s original wager minus a so-called “contest management fee.

Fast growing industry

Jim DeLorenzo, VP-general manager of Sports Illustrated Digital Vice President-general manager of Sports Illustrated Digital stated, “Our audience wants to play fantasy sports. The mandate is to make the experience so easy that even my dad could use it.”

Casino gambling news reports that according to Fantasy Sports Trade Association over 13 percent of the US adults are active players of fantasy sports. The industry has generated $3.38 billion from various customer products and services in 2012 alone, and it’s only getting bigger.

The fantasy sports association’s president, Paul Charchian, commented on the immense growth in recent times. “It’s gotten more investment in the past two years than in the history of fantsay sports combined.“ Many experts believe that daily play is the primary reason for the substantial growth results.

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