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Atlantic City Casino Busted for Underage Blackjack

Sep 23, 2010

Underage gambling
Underage gambling

Borgata Casino in Atlantic City has been fined for allowing underage players to put money down their blackjack card games.

This is actually the casino’s fourth offense – in 2008 they were hit with a record $105,000 fine for allowing an under-age player to gamble on their premises.

American gambling laws state that players must be 21 or older to gamble at a casino. The latest offense at Brogata involves two counts of underage gambling. In the first, an 18-year-old male bought $60 in chips and played 24 rounds of roulette, winning nearly $100. It was only when he tried to cash in that he was caught.

The second offense saw a 20-year-old female play Spanish Blackjack for more than three hours. She was only caught when she changed to a different blackjack table.

These two offenses landed Borgata Casino with a $40,000 fine from the New Jersey State Casino Control Commission, while the players were both convicted of underage gambling.

Bogota offers a $50 bonus to any employee who catches an underage gambler, but it seems this incentive wasn’t quite enough in these cases. “Hopefully Borgata continues to take measures that prevent this from happening in the future,” said commission Chairwoman Linda Kassekert.

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