32 Red Casino generosity
32 Red Casino

32 Red Casino could recently be considered the kindest casino ever

A depressed disabled online gambler who found herself burgled last week has just received a casino online bonus of the most generous kind, from her favorite online gambling site 32 Red Casino.

The lady who goes by the name of Satty, had posted on the Casinomeister message boards early in the week that thieves had broken into her home and stole her television set and her second wheelchair, though they did not get their hands on her laptop as she was in the bedroom with it at the time.

Being uninsured, Satty might very well have expected her days of playing her favorite online casino games, like online blackjack numbered, but on Monday she was met with a most loving surprise in the form of a delivery.

A brand new 32” television was delivered to Satty’s front door by a delivery team sent from 32 Red Casino sales manager Mark and his colleagues at the online casino.

Delighted with her new television, the lady had just jump straight onto the 32 Red Casino message boards the following day and wrote the following…

“This is the most amazing act of kindness…and I wish I had the words to explain how touched I am by this. Words really do fail me at the moment …so many thanks to Mark, I’m so choked up and touched.”

Whilst it is very unusual for an online casino to respond in such a touching way, it must not be overlooked. Online casinos have long been on the end of a tirade of abuse from anti-gamblers, despite being a service like any other. Satty is certainly satisfied with her new friends, and will continue to go on gambling at her favorite online casino.

There is a small concern however, that the publication of Satty’s story in several online websites across the net could trigger a wave of “sympathy pleas” to online casinos for handouts.

But in the case of Satty, and this disabled woman’s dedication to her gambling, her bonus is certainly worthwhile. As ever 32 Red Casino it seems, have yet another loyal and satisfied customer.