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Cleveland, Ohio is ready to welcome to new casino to boost tourism

Cleveland, Ohio, is set to boost tourism by adding a new three hundred and fifty million dollar casino in a bid to make the city more tourist friendly, tourism boosters have reported in casino gambling news this week.

Cleveland aims to provide over $2 billion worth of new attractions in a bid to entice customers, including the city’s hottest new property, a casino. The first stage of this casino project will open in the renovated Higbee department store. Several weeks on from that, the second stage should see the Toledo casino open in Cincinnati and Columbus to follow on in the dramatic change the Ohio’s tourism agenda.

As well as casinos offering blackjack cards, poker, slots and other gambling games, Cleveland also plans to offer non-gambling projects including tours of the city, easier access around the city, and a trolley service from the casino to the lake front attractions and hotels.

David Gilbert who is the president of Positively Cleveland, has stated a mid-May opening date for the new Horseshoe casino, whilst the chairman for the Cleveland City Planning Department Tony Coyne simply commented: “we’re trying to make it as accommodating as possible.”

With the local press keen to exploit the story, Marcus Glover, the casino general manager, giving them a tour of the proposed site stated that “we have a lot of national tourist attractions we’ll be able to draw from.”

It is hoped that with the tourist attractions that the state has to offer, along with the new casinos and sports teams people will be frequenting Ohio more often to bolster the tourism industry, which has waned over recent years. The casinos themselves are predicting to draw in a rather sizable number of the new tourists, with each believing that they can draw in gamblers from within a one hundred and fifty mile arc of their locations.