throw-awayDon’t throw away!

A woman from Bluffton, South Carolina, nearly threw away $250,000 winning lottery ticket.

The incident virtually happened when she was cleaning her car at the end of 2013 and noticed a lottery ticket she had purchased at the Publix on Buckwalter Place Boulevard. She was sure that the ticket was not winning.

Luckily for her, before flinging it she marked off the few unscratched numbers and realized she had won the $250,000 jackpot on a “$250 Grand” ticket.

The woman who preferred to keep her privacy, commented on the gambling news: “I was shaking. It drove me nuts. I thought up everything that could go wrong with the ticket.”

She added that she was too nervous to go to Columbia alone, so she decided to wait for her sister to go along after the holidays, to turn in the ticket. The woman said she is planning on buying a new car with the money and not use other smart strategies for investment.

This region seems to be lucky for lottery players

There are many more cases of lottery wins in this part of America. Examples come from the owner of a $300,000 winning ticket sold in Hardeeville claimed at the end of 2013.

Eight other tickets bought in Beaufort or Jasper counties during the past two years had prizes of at least $50,000 each. Other winners from the area include a Hardeeville citizen who got $200,000 from a Lucky Loot ticket.