calgaryKim Kelly

Kim Kelly from Calgary, Canada won the amazing $8.1 million jackpot in Lotto 6/49 last draw for 2013.

When she first checked the ticket at a self-checker, she saw some of her digits to appear on the display. She commented with a bit of humor: “I checked it, and I thought there was an error.” She thought that she won around $8,000 and felt quite good about it.

There is a funny addition to this great gambling news, as Kelly called her son to tell him about the lucky win. He then made her check the ticket again, already knowing that the prize his mom won was much more impressive.

The life of the fortunate winner will change immensely

Only after she had to go get her winning, Kelly realized for the first time how much the award means for her and her family. She could now afford to fly with her kids to Edmonton and drive from there to St. Albert, to get her money, instead of driving on the poor roads all the way there.

Kelly doesn’t have clear plans how to invest her winning yet, but for sure she will travel to a warm destination and support her family. She said: “Being able to help my family is a dream come true.”

The winning lotto combination that brought her the amazing amount of money was 13, 20, 23, 34, 38 and 46. She didn’t have to play any mobile casinos, but just to get a lotto ticket, which is more than a good way to finish the year and start a fresh and exciting 2014.