A few decades ago, Las Vegas casinos were constantly hazy with cigarette smoke. Smoking just seemed to go hand-in-hand with gambling. Lately, people around the world are becoming more conscious about the effect that smoking has on non-smokers, and rules about smoking in public places are being changed all the time.

Land casinos are very much opposed to the idea of banning smoking altogether. Smoking bans in casinos often lead to reduced business, as patrons move elsewhere to gamble. One way around it is to take the approach that the Aria Casino in downtown Las Vegas has taken – instead of banning smoking altogether, they do what they can to accommodate both smokers and non-smokers alike.

Aria’s latest move is to introduce “air curtains” that create a wall of moving air between blackjack dealers and players, in an attempt to keep cigarette smoke away from non-smoking dealers. Aria already has non-smoking areas, and even smoke-free “corridors” that let non-smokers move about the casino in (mostly) smoke-free environment.

While non-smokers certainly appreciate the changes, players who smoke only find them inconvenient and frustrating. The current trends, however, will only see situations like this becoming more common.

In some countries, smoking bans in casinos have forced many players out. One excellent alternative for smokers who are feeling cast aside in their favorite land casinos is to simply move to the internet. Playing online means playing at home, which lets players enjoy the right to smoke whenever and wherever they want.

There are other advantages to playing blackjack online instead of at land casinos. Great blackjack bonuses are offered all the time, helping make a little money go a long way. Tournaments of all sizes are held regularly, and they are easier to enter. Table limits are lower, game variety is better, and best of all, players can enjoy real-money blackjack without having to dress up and go out.

The internet is the future of gambling. If you’ve not tried it yet, maybe it’s time to make the switch. If you’re a seasoned online player, then sign up for another casino for a little variety – there’s no such thing as too many accounts!