The state of Nevada, home to both Reno and Las Vegas, is the heart and soul of the US gambling industry. While Nevada is currently witnessing a drop in gambling tax revenue as fewer players visit local casinos, regulators remain hopeful. The battle to legalize and regulate internet gaming is picking up momentum, and the state of Nevada is in an ideal place to become host to new US online gambling websites.

A few months back a bill was introduced to the US House of Representatives by Rep. Barney Frank. This bill aims to legalize and regulate US online gambling. It now looks like the debate over the issue will not happen this year because the House is currently occupied with pressing economic concerns, but change seems to be getting closer every day.

Because Nevada legalized casinos back in 1931, they have a solid infrastructure in place for processing requests for gambling licenses. While the current system only processes land-based casino gambling licenses, minor adjustments to the system could quickly make it ready to face what would certainly be a massive influx of requests for online gambling licenses, should the Frank bill pass. Overall, the number of people working out of Nevada with the experience and expertise required to manage US online gambling licenses makes the state a good candidate for becoming the hub of US online gambling.

The current situation regarding internet gambling in the US is confusing. Back in 2006, George Bush signed an act which makes it a crime for banks to process transactions related to online gambling. This is what scared away many internet casino providers – but online gambling in the US is not unlawful. There are still sites where US players can enjoy real-money internet blackjack games and tournaments. To find one that is just right for you, check out our exclusive reviews of the best US online blackjack casinos.