A blackjack dealer at the Tri-State Racetrack & Gaming Center in Charleston, West Virginia was arrested over the weekend for cheating at the tables. The dealer is facing felony charges for game violations.

The dealer, 25 year old Derek Maple, was caught showing cards to a player, 40 year old Thuhuong Nguyen, before any bets were placed. Nguyen is also facing felony charges for gaming violations.

Another Tri-State employee noticed Maple cheating and reported it. Later, State Police Troopers came to the casino and watched video tapes of the game in question to confirm that Maple was showing cards to Nguyen. Both men were arrested, and face up to five years in prison and a fine as high as $10,000 for game violations.

It is unfortunate that cheating happens in casinos. It affects all players, not just those who are involved in the game where the cheating takes place. Fortunately, when playing blackjack online, cheating is basically impossible. The cards are dealt by sophisticated computer systems, and computers cannot cheat. Security measures built into the gaming software also prevent other players from cheating.

Many online casino games are monitored by special software that can detect when players are trying to work together to throw the game. This anti-collusion software applies more to poker than to blackjack, but the point is that playing casino games on the internet is extremely safe.

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