how to behave in casino when card counting
Card Counting

Many first time blackjack card counters make the mistake of behaving as a stereotypical card counter and get profiled by casino security.

This article is not about learning the newest card counting system. There are plenty of those on those found on and elsewhere online.

We will assume that you’ve practiced for months and are now getting pretty good at counting. You usually win when playing with your friends and dominate online blackjack games.

Now you want to go to a real live casino and beat their pants off just like the champs you’ve read about or have seen in the movies.

Hold your horses, and listen to some advice first. Just like everything else you do for the first time in life, especially in front of an audience, you will be nervous. That’s fine. Just make sure your nervousness doesn’t attract too much attention or be misunderstood.

The casino will first think a suspicious individual may be a thief, have a cheating device, in getting ready to commit credit card fraud or identity fraud or is working up the courage to rob the casino. In all cases, the casino security will keep a close eye on you. Don’t attract attention.

Before you go to the casino for your first card counting mission, here is some important advice from expert card counters and retired casino employees to help beginner card counters to not attract attention to them.

10 Rules For Blackjack Card Counter

1. Dress for the part. If you are playing high limit blackjack you can dress anyway you want but just remember that when whales dress casually, they still manage to look neat. Buy a GQ magazine or find a CEO who is in your age group and race and see what they wear besides a suit. Smart and casual. Make sure your clothes match or buy an outfit. If you wear a watch, it must look expensive. Make sure your nails are trimmed and manicured, nose and ear hair plucked, teeth whitened. Look as if you have a million in the bank if you plan to play $1000/hand blackjack and are counting.

2. Don’t order drinks at the table. Bring one to the table. It should look as if its alcoholic so get a lime.

3. Act as if it’s your first time in a casino. Chat with the dealer when you are ready. At least say hello, if friendliness is not part of your personality. Ask a stupid question about the rules. Ask what time the casino closes (hehe).
4. Get the free rules chart if given out. Bring a chart with hands values printed from internet. Ask if it’s allowed. You are new, remember?

5. Don’t just get up and walk away in disgust when the count drops but you’ve just won the last hand. Tourists just don’t do things like that. Always leave after a losing hand.

6. When the blackjack boss, the one who rates your game starts scribbling something down, do something real stupid if the cards allow it. Split 2s and say you saw a sitcom where Charlie Sheen’s brother did the same and won or buy insurance in front of floor manager. Make sure that managers look at you as a buffoon and an idiot. You cannot cultivate an image of a genius.

7. Wear glasses and a fanny pack. Look at the photo of man who just beat Atlantic City casinos for $15 million. You see that huge ugly fanny pack he is wearing? Get on just like that and wear it with pride.

8. Do not bet the minimum every time a new shoe is dealt. It’s another characteristic of a counter.

9. You must tip. Wait for a good spot, and when you have a nice bet out and the count is in your favor. Put a 5$ bet next to yours and say that dealer is playing 5$.

10. Loose lips sink ships. Don’t brag about your knowledge of cards. When you see people splitting 2s or getting ‘your card’ through stupidity, don’t react. Someone once wrote that it’s difficult to be a card counter because you can’t brag about your expertise to people around you. If you are winning and people talk to you about how well you play, reply that its ‘beginners luck, and you normally are a roulette expert but today is the 12th and that’s not a lucky number for you.’

We wish you luck but remember that it’s much easier to count cards online, and you can dress and act anyway you want. Take a look at these casino online bonus chart from some of the finest and reputable online blackjack casinos and see how fast, convenient and reliable they truly are.