Michael Waseleski, a former blackjack dealer turned crook, has been accused of being part of a national ring of blackjack cheaters that have taken more than $800,000 from an Indiana casino by cheating at blackjack. The group has apparently been operating for several years, hitting casinos across the US.

Waseleski and his compatriots worked by bribing and training dealers to perform false shuffles. Their system also involved a hidden microphone attached to a cell phone that relayed information to a complicated computer system designed to keep track of the cards. The person outside the casino running the computer system would then send a signal to the players letting them know when to bet.

Using this system, the team of cheaters was allegedly able to take as much as $50,000 in just 10 minutes. The system was imperfect, however, and at times, massive sums of money were lost. They also found themselves in situations where they had to bribe other players and pit bosses who noticed what they were doing. It was a messy system, and while it worked for a while, in the end they obviously got caught.

Waseleski has surrendered, and faces charges of conspiracy to commit theft from gambling establishments on Indian lands. In addition to Waseleski, 30 other members of the crime ring face similar charges.

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