By following some simple steps the chances to win a blackjack tournament can be dramatically improved.
What are the reasons behind the sky-rocketing popularity of blackjack tournaments? What factors to consider before entering one? How tourneys differ from classic blackjack gameplay? These are just some of the burning questions for which we’ll find the most adequate answers. The competitive side of blackjack is a less known world for the general public. But since the emergence of online casinos almost everybody has a chance to try their blackjack tricks on tournaments.

Formats of blackjack tournaments

The tournament scene of blackjack is seemingly hiding in the shadows. However, these competitive blackjack events are just as exciting and thrilling than poker tourneys. While playing tournaments the motto of blackjack players, to ‘beat the dealer’ is extended. It is still important to overcome the house but with the presence of fellow 21 enthusiasts there are more than one targets to beat. It is a bit hard to find real life casino tourneys, since there is a space problem when it comes to Blackjack. There are only a limited number of blackjack tables installed, so to close them for special purposes is not profitable for them.
The three basic types of land-based tournaments are daily, weekly and invitational. Daily tournaments are known for the inexpensive entry fees and laid-back nature. Casino destinations use these smaller events to attract players to their units. Also, it is much easier to close-down the tables during weekdays, since there are not as many visitors. The idea behind weekly tournaments is almost the same, but the entry fee is a bit higher. Invitational tourneys are planned for returning and loyal blackjack players. Unfortunately, as the name suggest these are invitation only events so it’s harder to participate in them. Also, unlike the other two, this type lasts for more than a day, usually for two or three days.

Professional and televised blackjack tournaments

There are also professional blackjack tournaments for the best players from all around the globe. Most of these end with an all-star championship where the winners from Atlantic City, Las Vegas and other gambling capitals are invited to a final showdown. One of these, the Ultimate Blackjack Tour was the televised version of Russ Hamilton’s elimination blackjack format. The winners of the weekly competitions were invited to the grand final Tournament Championship. In 2006 this show was pretty progressive-thinking, since the qualification of online blackjack players was accepted, too.

The World Series of Blackjack is also a broadcasted tournament by GSN based on the invitational format with one hour episodes and a USD 1 million prize pool. GSN has another program, The World Blackjack Tour which has a first prize of USD 10,000. Thanks to the internet nowadays it’s really easy to participate in online blackjack tournaments. There are many highly rewarding events at renowned online casino destinations with inexpensive entry fees and superb prizes. On top of these advantages the players can enjoy various bonuses, which are nowhere to find at land-based destinations.

Things to consider before entering a tourney

There are many aspects to think through before participating in a tournament. First of all, the player should check the rules for that particular competition. The rules of tournaments vary from casino to casino, and they are really important to measure the potentials. If there are no clear guidelines for the event, the best option is to search for another with unambiguous terms and conditions. The next step is to inform about the prizes. The prize pool should be compared to the entry fee to determine the probable revenue. In the case of online casinos the expenses are easily recoverable even if the player finishes outside the top ten.
Time is another important aspect in tourneys because participants need to manage their days based on the schedule. What’s more, in land-based environments these events are played with given chips or the player’s own money. Both types have their pros and cons depending on the potential participants. The best thing to do is to search for tournaments in advance. There are plenty of regular online blackjack tournaments that are more flexible so by planning it is easy to avoid mix ups and irresponsible decisions.

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