twice-jackpotDouble jackpot

Charlotte Moncrief from Anniston hit the $90,000 jackpot twice on New Year’s day and the following day at the Silver Star Casino in Philadelphia.

Her first win was on a $100 Triple Diamond slot machine and commented on the great casino gambling news: “There was a lot of jackpots going off, so I just decided to put $100 in a $100 machine. The first pull, I got $90,000. Isn’t that good?”

Double luck on New Year’s

Moncrief decided to try again and drove four hours from Anniston to play again. She used the smart strategy to choose the same machine and the miracle happened. She won the jackpot again. “It hit the same identical thing that I had hit before. You know, I hollered the first one. The second one, I think my mouth just fell open,” she commented with enthusiasm.

Moncrief explained that the wins are not going to change anything about 2014. She added: “It made me happy. I don’t know what I’ll do with it. I’ll be going back to Pearl River some. And I may get a car, who knows?”

The winner is a retired IT specialist at an Anniston foundry and it was a tradition for her and her roommate to visit this resort usually once every month for the past eight years. The Silver Star is one of two casinos in the Pearl River Resort, which is owned by The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.