crackhead police station
Blackjack Police

A confused man after a two day alcohol and crack cocaine binge walked into a police station mistaking it for a blackjack casino.

How high and drunk do you have to be to mistake a police station for a blackjack casino? Very, very high apparently, as well as pissed out of your mind on some top quality sauce.

Smoking some ‘devil’s lettuce’ and drinking a couple of cold brews won’t get you into that state of mind. No sir.

It seems that smoking some high grade Bolivian marching powder along with 2 bottles of whiskey on an empty stomach, and two days without sleep on the other hand just may be enough.

According to casino gambling news, at the beginning of the incident, Sergeant John Backer was drinking a coffee during a late night shift at a Lincoln, Nebraska police station.

A 21 year old disheveled man wandered in, presented a Washington state identification card, threw down $500 and slurred to ‘give him $25 dollar forblackjack card games, because he felt lucky tonight!’

Sargent Baker was speechless. His last serious police encounter involved breaking up a riot at the nearby University of Nebraska Math Club caused by a disagreement over an advanced Calculus application that I am not even qualified to summarize. It wasn’t every day that he saw anyone confuse a police station for casino.

The young blackjack aficionado, whose eyes were spinning faster than the reels of a casino slot machine with a huge progressive jackpot, again demanded the blackjack chips along with a double shot of whiskey from the speechless police sergeant.

After being informed that this was a police station and not a casino the man left only to return an hour later and again demand casino chips and whiskey. Indeed, this is a truly dedicated blackjack player that any casino would be proud to call a customer.

At this point the police gave the man a breathalyzer test which came up .273, higher than the level that would kill anyone but a professional alcoholic.

Since the man was not driving (perhaps he walked all the way from Washington), the police just placed him in protective custody overnight to sober up for his safety.

The man was not charged with any crime and released the next morning, unsure where he is or what he was doing in Nebraska.